Manufacturing of aluminum and stainless steel components for rail and air transport, and the energy, defense and construction industries.


DIN EN 15085-2 (CL1); ČD V95/5
EN 1090-1, 2, 3 (EXC3)
EN ISO 3834-2
EN ISO 9001:2016

“We care about the quality of our products”

We realize that our products must meet stringent requirements for quality, useful life, and appearance. Therefore, we have a sophisticated and documented system with traceability options, highly skilled personnel for welding operations, and the inspection and supervision of all operations. We continuously discover new possibilities, develop improved techniques, and explore and address a wide range of welding challenges. Our products are the result of a high quality of workmanship, in accordance with international standards.


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Bystrá 1730/9
193 00 Praha – Horní Počernice

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Mobile: +420 731 170 711
Phone: +420 222 512 452

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