Quality is a concept that means a lot to us. We don’t just write about quality. We make sure quality is firmly rooted throughout our entire production processes all the way to the final product.

We consider welding one of our critical technologies. We focus our maximum attention on welding.


ISO 9001:2016
ISO 3834-2

DIN EN 15085

ČD Regulation

EN 1090-1


Welding supervision

Title, name and surname Qualifications
Ing. Michal Michajlec CEWE, IWE, IWI-C, WRBS + NDT: VT3, PT3
Ing. Jan Křen IWE, EWE + NDT: VT2, PT2
Jan Zajíc IWT, EWT + NDT: VT2


Our welders are experienced and certified in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 9606-2 within the CWS-ANB system. They receive continuous training in important areas related to welding, and they are also periodically examined (working tests) to check their qualifications and to ensure high quality in welding operations.


The nondestructive testing of welds is performed by Level 3 certified inspection personnel, in accordance with EN ISO 9712 for the VT and PT methods. Other NDTs are outsourced – ATG, DEKRA, HV Servis.


The scope of validity of WPQR has been gradually expanded within the implementation of contracts in accordance with EN ISO 15614-1 and EN ISO 15614-2 and EN ISO 15613 in cooperation with an independent accredited certification organization.

Welding Method
EN ISO 4063
Material Group
CEN ISO/TR 15608 1.2
Type of joing
135 1.2 t = 3–5,2
t = 3–20
131 23.1
23.1 + 22.3
t = 3–20
t = 1,5–6
141 8.1
t = 1,8–3,4
t = 1,8–5,2
t = 3–20


For every weldment, we document full material and personnel traceability using a sophisticated production management system. The form of the output documentation depends on the implementing standard and the customer’s requirements. As a standard, we provide the following documentation with our products:

  • Declaration of conformity
  • Declaration of performance + CE, for building steel and aluminum structures
  • Inspection certificate 3.1, for welded parts for railway vehicles
  • Declaration of performance of welded joints, for welded parts intended for the group of ČD a.s.
  • Complete welding documentation


Production should be based primarily on the quality and productivity of human labor. But this labor needs to be managed effectively, so that production personnel are burdened with as little paperwork as possible. Therefore, we use modern software which makes our work easier and more efficient when performing routine activities.

Helios Easy

ERP - production management system

Weldia designer

Drawings for technical documentation


Quality policy

FOXT s.r.o. considers quality to be the defining characteristic of our products and services. A necessary condition for the high quality of products is the quality of all related processes and services. Company management acknowledges that the quality and behavior of every employee has a significant impact on the company’s success in the challenging competitive environment.

Quality policy principles

  • Ensuring quality and the high standard of our products and services, subject to complying with legislative requirements and technical regulations, is our fundamental operating principle.
  • Satisfying customers is our top business priority. Compiling timely and accurate knowledge of their requirements is a prerequisite to their satisfaction.
  • Providing quality information on the products and services we offer to customers is necessary to improve our prestige and strengthen our reputation.
  • Integrating the quality of our products is a fundamental management responsibility in all functions and company operations.
  • Taking a responsible approach to the performance of activities and continuously improving the quality of our processes and products must be the basic work philosophy of every employee.
  • Preventing potential problems when dealing with risks which could compromise product quality is the preferred approach. Employees are required to immediately deal with every risk to quality and to report each one to their line manager.
  • Upholding our stringent quality requirements among our suppliers safeguards quality in joint production operations. Our suppliers are also encouraged to apply approaches that are compatible with our quality management system.
  • Applying innovative processes to products and production technologies impacts the quality of the final product. This is one of the main evaluation criteria when choosing a particular process or technology and only the most favorable versions are chosen for implementation.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, FOXT s.r.o. is building, maintaining and continuously improving an effective quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001. Company management is responsible for ensuring that quality is an integral part of the company’s goals and decision-making processes. It creates the necessary conditions and provides the required resources for the implementation of this quality policy.

The above quality policy is binding upon all employees of FOXT s.r.o.

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