Our main production technology is welding. We have our longest tradition and experience in this field. For this technology, we can use cutting with a gravity-feed band saw and grinding with a band grinding machine. We use a 3D CAD solution by SolidWorks for the preparation of our drawings, and we use the Helios system for production management. Checking the quality of welds within pre-production and in working tests is carried out in the shop for determining the macrostructure of welds. In the future, we plan to gradually expand our machinery and add more essential technologies to the production process.

Other technologies, such as laser, water jet, press brake, die-cutting, machining, surface finishing, etc., are provided by means of joint production. With respect to the fact that all of the outsourced technologies are readily available from our long-term certified partners, we are able to supply to our customers completely finished products of the highest quality.


We take welding very seriously. Therefore, in addition to our experienced and certified personnel, we also have the best and most modern equipment that is available on the global market. This equipment allows us to weld all metals and their alloys using the methods 131 (MIG), 135 (MAG), 141 (TIG) and 111 (MMA).

Fronius TPS 320i Pulse

Fronius MagicWave 3000 Comfort

New Fully mechanized station for continuous linear welding

The station consists of an FDV 22 truck connected to the TPS 320i Pulse welding source manufactured by Fronius. The entire welding process is controlled by means of the FDV 22 truck, which moves along a 3m-long path and which holds a mounted welding torch. This makes it possible to produce not only continuous welds but also stitch welding.

For the enhanced dimensional accuracy of our welded products and for the better removal of heat from the weldment, we use Siegmund plasma-nitrided welding tables and welding jigs.


The cutting of profiles, pipes and rods is performed on a two-speed gravity-feed BOMAR Ergonomic 275.230 DG band saw with a broad angle range of -45° to +60° with a stable position of the mounted material. The cutting parameters with 0 degrees are for 230mm circular sections and for rectangular sections with sizes of 275 x 200 or 250 x 230 mm.


To provide for the regular testing of the quality of welds and verifying the qualifications of our welders within the performance of pre-production tests and during production, we have a workshop for determining and evaluating the macrostructure of welds.


The following operations are outsourced from our network of trusted suppliers.

  • CNC sheet metal processing
  • CNC machining
  • Surface finishing
  • 3D CAD
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